Air Conditioning Management System (ACMS)

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Proactive Maintenance Signals
Remote Software Upgrade
Daily/Monthly/Yearly Report – Trend Indication
Bill Generation
Information on activity resulted in the Greenest Energy
Displays the estimated time of cooling and the money spent instantaneously
Users Registered in ACMSID.

ACMS Features & Benefits

Greater Efficiency

Probably the greatest benefit of ACMS Energy efficiency by checking that the temperature, along with other conditions, is adequate at all times, regardless of outside conditions and depending on the number of users at any given time.

Lower Consumption

Greater efficiency comes with lower consumption. Now reduce the costs of the energy that a building consumes by up to 35%.
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More Efficient Audits

Now optimise the climate of a building easily with the most advanced systems. Our systems can be monitored in real-time. All data are stored for further analysis to improve the control and monitoring system.

Easier Maintenance

Just like with audits, Our systems allow you with almost complete control over the entire system. Therefore, it is possible to keep track of the parts and systems to detect malfunctions and repair them immediately.

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